Is This The World's First Modular MIDI Keyboard?

Imagine being able to make your portable MIDI controller any size you want it to be. One day you want 25 keys, another day 61... That's exactly what Kombos is all about. It's a modular MIDI keyboard.  

Kombos claims to be the world's first modular keyboard. No, not as in a keyboard for modular synth systems... think more modules you fit togther to make your keyboard. Though it's a bit simpler than that and basically allows you modify your keyboard into a 25, 37, 49 or 61 key MIDI controller. There's a clever, and seemingly easy locking system that literally snaps the pieces together.

It's one of those ideas that is so obvious, but only when someone else has thought of it! It is surprising that nothing similar has come to market before though.

Currently on Kickstarter and 55% of the way to the $25,000 goal target with 18 days remaining, Kombos is designed as a completely portable solution for on the road or in studio use. Although we haven't personally got hands-on with this modular keyboard, the specs tell us that this is a pressure / velocity sensitive MIDI keyboard. But it's also completely wireless. Yup, we're talking Bluetooth baby. Now, for some that's a selling point. For others that'll be a face palm moment. It all depends on your experiences to date!

Combos looks incredibly easy to expand and pull apart.

Combos looks incredibly easy to expand and pull apart.


So, if you fancy carrying a 61 key MIDI controller in your backpack with some room to spare... it could be possible if/when Kombos is funded (or you could buy a bigger backpack!) As with everything on Kickstarter, the choice is yours. 

Kombos in action 

Kombos Modular Keyboard pledges start from $139 USD.




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