Is This The New Smallest MIDI Synthesizer In The World?

It wasn't so long ago that Mitxela created what we all believed was the smallest MIDI synth in the world'¦ and yours truly certainly didn't consider he could make an even smaller version so soon after.  

Version one of the world's smallest MIDI synth squished a square wave generating MIDI synthesizer into a MIDI connector. Now he’s managed to squeeze a similar synth engine into a USB plug. It makes it about half the volume of the previous one!

So, the big question for most synth fans is, does it sound good? Well, being so small, I'm afriad to say it ain't all that, sound-wise... but what did you expect? A Moog Sub-37? ;)

The previous smallest synth (left). The new winner (right).

The previous smallest synth (left). The new winner (right).

Needless to say, pushing technology into smaller and smaller packages has already been done with synths, and will likely continue. Look at the Ploytec PL2 and Patchblocks for examples of sonically solid synth tech in small sizes.

Find out much more about how Mitexla created and built this tiny, tiny synthesizer on his website. (Link below).

[Via: Hackaday]


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