Is This How To Make Drum & Bass?

Is it possible you could easily make Drum and Bass back in 1982 with a Fairlight CMI? This video is worth a watch and then we show you how to really make music,,,,,  

Let me start off by saying on record, this isn't how drum and bass is made, but if it was the world would be a funny place.

You may have seen this video from Rémi Jorquera aka. RedPill DnB, who has put one of his own tracks, Lose Control, to this excellent video from a BBC TV programme from 1982 showing the voice-sampling prowess of the Fairlight CMI. 

You can listen to RedPill DnB's track from the video, Lose Control, here: 

And if you really want to learn how to make Drum & Bass yourself, Adam Pollard aka. Multiplier shows you how in his course, Dance Music Styles: Drum and Bass. This video demonstrates how subtle variations with drum tracks can help keep listeners engaged: 

There's good tips on programming drums and drum fills which can be taken and used in any DAW.

Watch the whole Drum and Bass course here.


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