Is This A Sneak Peek Of A New Teenage Engineering PO Synth?

Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators are popular synths. These diminutive portable digital synths pack a lot of power in a small playful form factor. And perhaps there's a new one on the horizon?

Eagle-eyed Danny Klein spotted a photo of a bunch of Teenage Engineering synths on a table. No biggie there, right? Except amongst the different Pocket Operators, OP-1 and OP-Z is someting that is possibly new... the Pocket Operator Speak.

Take a close look at the pocket calculators and you'll see some with the word "Tonic" referring to the recently released PO-32... and another that appears to have the word "Speak" on it. Could this one be a new Pocket Operator synth?

The source of the image is from reddit.

If this is indeed a new synth we'll dig and find out all the details as soon as we are able to. If it is some kind of speech synthesis / vocoder-style synth it would be a great addition to the PO family. And who know, like the PO-32 Tonic, this one could interface with software to enhance its use too. But we don't know. So, we'll leave its functionality and prupose to your imagination. 

Learn more about the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators here:
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