If you're not a fan of slim keys on your synths you might not be a fan of this super, super small (but functional) synthesizer, Micro-TS, But it appears to be the world's smallest synthesizer now!
Micro-TS has the same specs as Tiny-TS.
Synthesis 101
The Filter
by Bob Moog Foundation

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Just because it's possible to miniaturize just about anything these days doesn't mean you should. There comes a point when things become so small that they are just impractical to use. A good case in point would be Apple's obsession with making their laptops thinner and thinner so that eventually they had to eliminate all the useful ports that professionals tend to need. Getting back to synths, maybe I'm old fashioned but I like something to be big enough that the keys are playable and the controls can be grabbed and manipulated easily. For a synth with keys, something like the Arturia Microbrute is about as small as I would want to go. But, hey...that's just me. :-)

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