Is It A Sampler? Is It A Synth? Palette Is An 8-Layer Music Paintbox For Reaktor 6

Well, technically, the answer to the question is simple. Palette is indeed a sampler for Reaktor. But, it has identity issues and thinks it is a synth. Or put another way, it's more than a Rompler!  

Nick Dwyer, aka Flintpope, is back at it again. This time his cool creative streaks have combined to bring us Palette for Reaktor 6. He describes it as "a music paintbox. An eight-layer sample-player." But you can bet your bottom dollar (or a reasonable $10 if you'd like to own Palette) that it does a lot more than your average Rompler...

Here's some more details, sounds, etc.

Wait... not a Reaktor user? You can actually pick up Palette as a VST/AU plugin for free here.


Eight banks of 47 samples each, triggered by un-mute buttons initially inspired by a painter’s palette. By layering these together you can create 2209 combinations.

There are 30 PRESETS in 3 banks of 10 to give you a flavour of what is possible with this instrument. Use the drop down menu to access them or double click “Embedded” in the presets side pane. Then jump in and layer different groups of sounds and tweak the various CONTROLS and FX to create new samples for yourself.

Record sessions with Reaktor’s onboard recorder,  your DAW, with Quicktime/Soundflower, or simply play live as part of your stage set-up.


Startpoint, Stereo Position, Sample Select, Mute, Gain, Pitch, Mid, Bass, ADSR, Velocity Sensitivity, Echo, 8 Pole Filter, Reverb, Glide and Master.


CC14-21 assigned to Sample Selects 1-8

CC22-29 assigned to Gains 1-8

Taking it further…

Samples can be manipulated from within the samplemap* Reverse, Loop, Start, End, Alternating and Release parameters can all be tweaked.


When you get bored with the onboard samples replace them with your own. Need advice? *Go to the Reaktor 6 Diving Deeper manual and open Chapter 8, page 69 (The Sample Map Editor) for a detailed guide. Ensure your samples are ROOT NOTE 60 and range from notes 36-82 inclusive for this instrument.

PALETTE is monophonic and requires the full version of Reaktor 6. If you don’t have a full licence of Reaktor 6 you can still run PALETTE in demo mode for 30 minutes at a time by selecting “demo mode” at launch. 

Price: $10


(Free VST/AU version of Palette:

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