So, you're going to play live using MainStage and you've got an iPad? Darren Burgos shows an essential way to create a virtual MIDI control surface with custom layouts to help you at your next gig!  

Darren started making music on computers when he was a teenager in 1987. His first computer was an Amiga, and when he realized the power of computer-based production, his addiction for making electronic music began. Darren switched to Mac in 1994 and started using Logic Pro. He's been involved in many music projects over the years incl... Read More


MIDI Designer is not being assig
I was able to follow along successfully until step 6. When I click Assign in Mainstage, and then my button in MIDI Designer, nothing happens. It is a momentary button. I exited Design mode in MIDI Designer when I pushed the button. Session 1 Network appears as a device in Mainstage.

Great article. BTW, as a comparison, the logic remote app also works with MainStage 3. It may be worth a look first to see if it suits your requirements.

Also MIDI Designer has a Lite version that is free if you don't mind the advert banners getting in the way.

Thanks for the excellent ideas. this is the first article on this site I have read and so far it looks wonderful.

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