iOS 6 Accessibility Feature: Guided Access

Apple's iPad sports some excellent accessibility features in iOS6. In this article Adam Goldberg explains how to use Guided Access inside and outside the classroom.  

Apple products have long represented their commitment to the accessibility needs of all users. Guided Access, an indispensable iOS 6 feature, adds to that tradition. Now teachers, parents and performers alike can confidently use the iPad knowing that they themselves, or other users, cannot go into unwanted apps, or accidentally activate unwanted sections within an app. 

Finding and Enabling Guided Access

In General Settings, scroll down all the way and tap '

A graduate of Manhattan School of Music with a B.A. in Classical Piano, Adam Goldberg has toured the U.S. with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and has gigged throughout the tri-state area, working with such artists as Michel Camilo, Lew Soloff, and Steve Turre. Mr. Goldberg currently enjoys the privilege of teaching Special Needs stude... Read More


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