Introduction To Scripting in Kontakt, Part 2

In this 5 Part MPVHub Series, Toby Pitman explores the wonderful world of scripting in Native Instruments' Kontakt sampler. In Part 2 you'll build a note trigger FX script!  

So last time we looked at some basic callbacks, namely "on init", "on note" and "on release". We saw how placing some simple code between these callbacks printed some messages letting us know our code was working. 

This time, we're going to build something!! I'm sure you've all seen Heavyocitys Damage and Evolve instruments. One of the cool things they have are note triggered FX. Well I'm going to show you how to build a simple script to do this as I think it's something that users would like to do. Let's go!

The Plan!

Here's what we're after. You load a bunch of Insert effects and bypass them. You then map the Bypass parameter for each effect to a note. When you hit a note, the effect corresponding to that note is active, when you release the note the effect is bypassed!

To achieve this we first need to learn about statements.


So what are statements? Well these let Kontakt make decisions about what's going to happen when you do something. 

The '

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