Introducing the Instruments in Reason 8

Reason is known for its awesome synths and drum machines. In his 22-tutorial video course, expert Hollin Jones gives you an in-depth introduction to these cool instruments.  

Reason's instruments are some of the best in the business. In this course, Reason pro Hollin Jones gives you a guided intro to each one. He also shows you, by example, how to create everything from fat basses, heavy beats, and scary synths through to delicate pianos and even orchestral sounds! Hollin starts out with a tour of each instrument module from the simple ID8 through the multi-layered NN-XT and complex Thor synth all the way to the futuristic Kong Drum Designer. He explains how these instruments are the sonic foundation to create great-sounding tracks. Next, comes the Combinator. Here's where Hollin shows you his tips on how to load up as many instruments as your computer can handle and then use the Combinator to go beyond the limits of individual modules to build gigantic, multi-instrument sonic sculptures! So get to know and learn how to use all of Reason 8's awesome instruments in this timeless course by Hollin Jones.

Introducing the Instruments

Check out this video from the course on creating your own custom drum kits in Reason 8's Kong:

Discover more in the full course here:

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