Interview: She Keeps Bees on Writing and Recording Eight Houses

We caught up with Jess Larrabee and Andy LaPlant who are She Keeps Bees, a 2-piece rock band with soul, passion, energy and great songs. They reveal their own music stories and production and live  

One of my favorite bands from last year are She Keeps Bees. Formed in Brooklyn by Jessica Larrabee (voice, guitar, keys) and Andy LaPlant (drums, production) they've been compared to The White Stripes in reverse, PJ Harvey, Cat Power and many others. But, Jess and Andy bring something less easy to define to their music. At times their raw, energetic sound suggest more than two musicians are present. Jess' soulful, bluesy vocal qualities are real and mesmeric, and together Jess and Andy transform what could be simple rock songs into expansive stories that are easy to follow, addictive, and heartfelt.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jess and Andy over Skype just before seeing them play live in Bristol, UK for the first leg of their European tour in November 2014. We talked about inspiration and themes behind the new album, engineering and production, touring and so much more.

Oh, and how are She Keeps Bees live? Incredible. I had shivers on the back of my neck for much of it.


Ask: Tell us about how She Keeps Bees started out.

Jess: I was doing some solo stuff in New York after living and playing in bands in Philadelphia and I felt like I needed a change. Boy, did New York give it to me! I moved there some terrible stuff happened. I got robbed, hit by a car, and I didn't have a place to live. I don't know why I didn't move back home, but I just stuck it out. I finally got all my stuff together and by the time I met Andy I was doing a lot of solo shows. Andy was an engineer and I was like, 'I want to be friends with you!'

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