Rob Papen is known for his excellent sounding and well designed software synths and effects. In this interview we chat with him about the future of the VST / VSTi, and music software in general.
Rob Papen Prisma
Rob Papen in his studio
Synthesis 101
The Filter
by Bob Moog Foundation

"Joshua Casper is an accomplished live performer, DJ, producer, and music educator. His specialties are centered in and around Ableton Live and Native Instruments. His educational material has been featured on and as well as a myriad of large music production websites. His music has been featured on" Read More


" I remember that BeOS also was promising as operating system for music…. but many years later we still use OS X or Windows."

A nitpick here: BeOS was in existence *years* before OS X. BeOS was announced in 1991, came out in 1995. At that time BeOS first came out Apple was only on System 7 (followed by 8 and then 9). But OS X, bbased on the UNIXy Mach kernel, was completely different from the earlier Mac OSes, was incompatible with previous Mac software, and didn't come out until 2001.

So you can't really say we "still" use OS X despite BeOS's promise, since was years older than OS X.
Nitpicking aside, that's all irrelevant anyway. The fact remains: we still use OSX and Windows for music production (and pretty much all major computing). Period.
I wonder if Reason's Combinator was an inspiration for Prisma?

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