Interview: John OO Fleming

We caught up with legendary underground DJ & producer, John OO Fleming, to chat about his new 4-hour long album, DJing, Tech and more! Interested in DJing/producing? Read this now!  

I hear that Logic is your main DAW? Have you been a long time user?

Yes, I've been with it since Notator on Atari. I had Cubase as well and I understood it better back then because of the blocks, which were a lot easier for electronic producers. Notator was more complex. But I was just a DJ and there was a local studio to me which was professional and had many big bands recording there and they used Notator. I then used it too. But, I'm glad it happened as it made me understand the more complex side of sequencing. So, from that I stuck with Notator and when Macs were born I went on with it and luckily Apple bought it and I've been in a very happy place since. 

It's interesting to hear as there are a minority of ex-Logic users who were concerned when Apple bought Logic from Emagic. They often say things like, '

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