Inspiring Polyend Seq Jam with Eurorack system, Elektron Machinedrum & DSI Prophet

What is possible when you put the Polyend Seq, a eurorack system, Elektron's Machinedrum and DSI's Prophet in the same complex setup? Watch this short video to find out.  

You want an inspiring synth jam? Want to see (probably) the world's longest hardware step sequencer available for purchase? Do you appreciate the Elektron MachineDrum, DSI Prophet and are you a bit of a eurorack synth-head?

Even if you only get 2 out of 3 for the above, we'd highly recomend checking out this latest video of Seq from Polyend (yes, the same Polyend behind PERC and who are collaborating on the super cool looking Medusa synth and sequencer with Dreadbox).

This time out we get to look over the shoulder of a tasty jam with eurorack, Machinedrum and a Prophet all being controlled by the Polyend Seq. 

Having recently shown us how SEQ can work easily with simple setups, they've upped their game to demonstrate how even more sophisticated music environments are a piece of cake. The whole rig is sequenced by Seq. The modular system is controlled by Polyend Poly MIDI to CV converter.

Polyend SEQ top down view.

SEQ Main Features

  • 8 tracks with 32 steps each
  • 256 pattern memory
  • On the fly track parameter Randomization
  • Live sequence recording with external device via MIDI
  • Step parameters: Note, Velocity, Length, Modulation, Roll
  • Independent track play mode (Normal, Reversed, Pingpong, Random)
  • Track parameters: Length, Velocity, MIDI Channel, MIDI out
  • All parameter changes are automatically saved
  • Pattern chaining

There's more regular updates in the works for SEQ which will continue to add and improve features and workflows for this awesome £1,000 sequencer. Find out more about SEQ: 

Watch our 60 minute masterclass with Polyend where they demonstrate how they use Seq to create awesome step sequences live:

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