In This Video Spaceprodigi Reveals How She Samples Analog Synths In Ableton Live

Watch this free MasterClass now to find out how Spaceprodigi approaches sampling analog synths into Ableton Live to create tracks. Then check out the full length lecture for even more.  

Sampling External Gear in Ableton Live with Spaceprodigi

Spaceprodigi is a 16-year-old producer of progressive house music. Beyond her age, something that sets her apart from many other modern-day producers is her approach to synthesis. She exclusively uses analog gear for sound generation and her go-to DAW for sampling and sequencing is Ableton Live.

She recently delivered an insightful full-length MasterClass on her process. Topics ranged from writing melodies and sculpting sounds with the Moog Mother 32 to sampling in Ableton Live and stacking synths to make fuller multi-instrument sounds.

Below you can watch a short excerpt of the lecture which starts off with a few organizational tips and tricks for dealing with larger projects before Spaceprodigi jumps into how to set up MIDI routing in Ableton Live so the DAW can communicate with external hardware synths. Finally, to top off the short clip she begins writing a melody that will be used in later topics.

It is safe to say that the full lecture is packed with useful information for anyone looking to work with analog gear in conjunction with Ableton Live.

To watch the entire MasterClass and learn even more about sampling external gear, click here and watch for free!

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