In Session Audio Releases Fluid Harmonics for Kontakt

In Session Audio tell us that Fluid Harmonics for Kontakt is an instrument designed to create richly layered melodic patterns with ease. Find out more in the video and feature details below.  

The Fluid Harmonics Kontakt library places harmonic (aka: flageolet) samples from 30 guitars and 100 synth patches into the “Triple Play” engine: a custom designed interface that allows users to independently arpeggiate, effect and shape three sound sources at one time. 

The result is a collection of 150+ patches that combine autoplay rhythm and melody features with sound design to produce sounds that are wholly guitar to the organic, hybrid and electronic.

Features and Specifications:

  • 18 electric guitars
  • 12 acoustic guitars
  • 100 custom made synth sets
  • All acoustic guitar and bass guitar sample sets are presented in versions played with fingers AND with a pick, ringing the guitar sample set count to 44.
  • All guitars feature triple round robin cycling for natural variation.
  • To improve playability all guitars were tuned to allow samples to be recorded below and above the standard range of the instruments.
  • Fluid Harmonics contains 152 patches split into four categories: Triple Play Electric (40), Triple Play Acoustic (40), Rhythmic Pulses w Mod Wheel (24), Solo (48).
  • 64 custom reverb impulse responses 
  • 12 custom amp cabinet impulse responses
  • 64 custom fx unit presets
  • Triple Play rhythm grids can modify up to 15 parameters simultaneously (arp, pitch, filter cutoff, volume and pan x 3)
  • The Triple Play engine supports up to 22 user-selected Kontakt effects at once, plus an additional three filters, three send delays and three send reverbs, for a total of 31 (!) simultaneous effects.




  • Fluid Harmonics requires the full-retail version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher.
  • Fluid Harmonics is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.
  • Because Fluid Harmonics and the Triple Play engine utilize an extensive set of features (multiplied by three) we recommend that users have an up-to-date and powerful computer/CPU for the best experience.
  • Custom Watermarked

Price: $149.99

Introductory Offer through Feb 21 includes an extra In Session Audio library for all purchasers.



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