In Conversation: NAMM 2015 Synth and Controller Highlights

NAMM 2015 was quite an event with some tasty new gear announced and demoed. JD from AskVideo and myself sat down to chat about some of the most impressive new gear.  
NAMM 2015 was a particularly exciting affair. There was more to report about this year than ever before, from pocket synths to full-blown re-invisioned classics, new software versions, new apps, new eurorack modular bits and bobs for synth heads too!

And, as soon as yours truly had exited the show floor for the last time on the Sunday morning I flew to Vancouver, the HQ of AskAudio Mag, AskVideo and macProVideo (we're all under the same umbrella of NonLinear Educating in case you didn't know).
While in Vancouver, still seriously jetlagged, I met with JD who hosts the AskVideo Casts who asked me to share some of my thoughts from the NAMM 2015 show. 
But if you're keen to watch us chatting then click on the video below :)

There's lots we didn't have a chance to speak about, so for a more in-depth approach you can peruse our Top 10 NAMM 2015 highlights article here.

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