Improve Your Ableton Live Workflow With Isotonik Follow Arrange

This Max for Live device from Isotonik is a follow up to their Follow series focusing on Session View. Follow Arrange scans for locators and allows you to loop a section before moving on to the next.  

Here'a what our friends at Isotonik tell us about the new Follow Arrange M4L device which is available as part of the Follow Devices or Modular Series:

Up until now most of our MaxforLive devices have focused on improving the workflow for users that specialise in the Session view of Ableton Live....

When we released MultiClip Editor, the only way to edit multiple MIDI Clips at the same time, we were introduced to a new league of subscribers who do their work in Arrange View and so it set us thinking...

The most subscribed device in our line up is Follow, it offers the user automatic follow actions at clip end in Session View. The Follow actions can trigger other clips in a track or entire scenes which allow a performance to be pre-configured yet allow for spontaneity in allowing a scene to be looped at will or a dummy clip to be fired to reset parameters...

How about the Arrange view specialists though?

They have their set lined up like an arrangement and whilst pressing play can deliver the same performance everytime how can it become more organic and offer the same level of creativity on the fly as Session View?

Enter Follow ARRANGE!!

Follow ARRANGE is a MaxforLive device that scans your Arrangement for locators each time the transport is stopped, it sorts these into the order they occur and then observes the current position of the playhead as the transport plays... 

As each new locator is reached the user sizable floating window offers three MIDI mappable jump buttons, allowing you to re-trigger the current, previous or next section of the arrangement as defined by the locators!

Isotonik Follow Arrange in Ableton Live


A progress bar shows how much of the current section is left to play to allow for the rest of the band to see where they are and in addition the Arrange Loop Brace automatically fits itself around the current and next locator.. 

This means that with one button on a MIDI controller or Footswitch you can choose to engage the loop and have the current section repeat until you're ready to let the arrangement roll onto the next one...

Follow ARRANGE is available as part of the package of Follow devices or as part of the Modular Series!!


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