Imaginando (TKFX, LK & DRC) 2nd Anniversary Big Sale

It's been two years since Imaginando broke onto the scene with their innovative Ableton Live and Traktor iOS controller apps. And now it's time to celebrate'¦!  

Imaginando, created by Nuno Santos, has been one of those small companies pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved using an iPad or iPhone to control our most favorite music production and DJ software.

Here’s how they describe their 3 popular products: “We are really excited with what we have achieved this last two years: TKFX the innovative Traktor Fx controller, LK the most good-looking, versatile and easy-to-use Ableton Live & MIDI controller, and more recently DRC, the synthesizer everyone is talking about.”

To celebrate this special event, a unique and unrepeatable offer has been prepared: all in app purchases for only $2 !!

Basically you can save big time today only…

Attention: this offer is only for 24 hours, from 00:00 to 23:50 on the 22nd of June 2016 on all in-app purchases of DRC (Unlock Synth Engine), LK (Unlock Matrix, Unlock Midi Pads, Unlock Midi Controller, Unlock X/Y Pad) and TKFX (Unlimited Usage).

controlling Ableton Live from iPad 

Because we love what Imaginando have been creating, we asked Nuno Santos a few questions to find out a bit more about him and Imaginando.

Q: What inspired you to start Imaginando?

At the core I’m a tech guy but I have always felt inspired with arts, photography and all kinds of multimedia. Then I met electronic music and it was love at "first sight". I have studied Computer Science along with my DJ and production activities. During that period I was always trying to learn how to create my own controllers and music software. After years working in the industry I decided that I needed to fulfil my old time dream and merge the technological skills with the huge passion for electronic music. Imaginando was born.

Q: Tell us your process for making apps and how you decide on the feature set.

The app design and developing process is quite iterative. We start with basic functional blocks that are refined at each iteration. That gives us the time to understand if they make sense in a functional perspective.

Nuno Santos, founder of Imaginando.

Nuno Santos, founder of Imaginando.

The fact that all apps target phone and tablet devices is a really nice filter because we always try to compromise functionality within the available space with a universal interface. Therefore we try to fit the essential features only, no cluttering. Our users feedback is crucial. If many users request the same feature than it should be added. 

What I love most is when the magic start to happen, the point in which the thing that was only an idea becomes alive. The materialisation of the dream. 

Q: What can we expect from you and Imaginando in the future?

People love LK’s interface and ease use so during the next months we will work on a new version of LK with more modules and MIDI sequencing abilities. On the other hand we want to release the AU version of DRC as well as adding audio unit extension support to it. 


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