Image-Line releases FL Studio 20.9.1

Image-Line are happy to announce the FL Studio 20.9.1 'More than maintenance update’. The main focus of this update is to make improvements and bugfixes, but there’s some interesting new features too!

FL STUDIO 20.9.1 is released. In response to the great feedback we received to the FL Studio 20.9 we are happy to announce the 20.9.1 more than maintenance update. Free for existing customers because we love your Lifetime Free Updates! 


  • Playlist - New 'Quantize song jumps' Playlist Menu option.
  • Playlist - 'Make unique as sample' no-longer prompts for a filename when the Shift key is held.
  • Playlist - New option 'Show Peak Meters for Instrument tracks'.
  • Browser - The Undo history in the browser no longer opens automatically while undoing.
  • Mixer - New 'View > Always show external input levels' option to the mixer. Useful when monitoring is set to 'When armed' or 'Off'.
  • FLEX - Shows a message in the "Free" and "Store" tabs if there's no internet connection.
  • FPC - Added context aware type-in value support.
  • Frequency Splitter - Added context aware type-in value support.
  • Plugin Manager - Changed text of 'Find installed plugins' button.
  • Unlock - Changed the text on the 'Show unlock window' button in the about window.
  • Scripting - 9 new functions & features including: Retrieve FPC pad info, 'Bypass all effects' and 'Inverse polarity' in the mixer, Master sync status, Channel types request, Show rectangles for parts of the channel rack, Sequencer steps undo flag, Distinguish Audio and Automation Clip Channels, Allow simultaneous highlight rectangles & Detection by hardware ID is now case insensitive.

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From its early beginning as FruityLoops, FL Studio has evolved into a very advanced music production system which has a very different workflow from other DAWs. Used by renown artists such as BT, Afrojack, Mike Oldfield, the late Avicii, and many more, you too can join the FL Studio party by watching this course by trainer and producer Rishabh Rajan.

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To see the complete list of bugfixes see here.

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