IK Multimedia Unveils 3 New iKlip Models For iPhone And iPad

With different combinations of stands and grips available, you can choose the setup that best suits your needs whether you're recording video, reading a score or performing vocals.  

IK Multimedia has long led the way in developing accessories, tools and add-ons to help make your music life easier, especially when it comes to iPhones and iPads. Now, the company has expanded its iKlip range of iPhone/iPad and smartphone/tablet mounting products with the iKlip 3 series. This new line-up, which includes the iKlip 3, iKlip 3 Video, and iKlip 3 Deluxe provides secure, flexible support for a wide range of iPad/tablet sizes during live performance, image and video capture, presentations, and more.

 The iKlip 3 series offers several iPad/tablet mounting options and configurations:

  • iKlip 3 is designed for microphone stand mounting and includes a newly designed holding bracket with more durable rubber pads and a spring mechanism that allows users to rotate their device up to 360°. The new design enables the device to be mounted on the front, side, or boom arm of any mic stand so that the device is in the perfect spot for any gig. In addition, a smart bracket design leaves buttons and ports free from obstructions, and expandable arms offer secure support for all popular tablet sizes.'

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