IK Multimedia Tease MODO, New Real Sounding Instruments Coming?

It looks like IK Multimedia have been very busy for the last 8 years working on a new type of physical instrument modelling that they tell us will bring a new level of realism to software instruments.  

So, what do we actually know about IK Multimedia's new MODO? Scarce details if I'm honest. But, if you watch the video you'll get a pretty good idea about what is coming our way.

IK Multimedia have been working on MODO for 8 years in collaboration with one of the top universities in Europe. Two of the key tag lines in the video claim that MODO will bring a "new level of realism" and is a "breakthrough in physical instrument modeling". We hope of course that means that new physcially modeled instruments will be available for SampleTank or 3rd party samplers, or perhaps a completely new sampler engine... and it's very possible we're looking at IK Multimedia releasing apps for mobile using this technology too.


There's not long to wait. 18th October is announcement day! Stay tuned...

Web: http://www.ikmultimedia.com



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