IK Multimedia Releases GrooveMaker 2 for iPad

IK Multimedia's GrooveMaker 2 has been totally redesigned and enhanced with more professional tools for creating non-stop loop-based music on the go on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here's more info!  

February 25, 2014 - IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, is pleased to announce GrooveMaker 2 version 1.1, the most powerful mobile loop based music making app with a patented "groove generator" engine that lets anyone create professional quality non-stop grooves, beats and songs in real time. GrooveMaker 2 version 1.1 adds universal compatibility that provides iPad users with an intuitive groove making interface and full suite of professional tools and effects for creating music and grooves on the go on an 

GrooveMaker 2 provides a completely new and intuitive way of making music by using groups of loops called songs (60 loops per song) that always sound good together, and users use these to build grooves and complete songs. GrooveMaker 2 gives users total control over the creation, mixing and remixing process from a newly designed iOS 7 style interface and intuitive controls, loop import, automatic mixing controls, loop effects, mastering effects, groove sequencing and export controls. With GrooveMaker 2, anyone can make music and be a DJ, anywhere, any 

Millions of Groove Possibilities

GrooveMaker 2 features over 3,600 available loops from a continually expanding library of over 60 collections for virtually every style of groove music including House, DubStep, Hip Hop, Techno, Electro, D'n'B, Trance, Reggae, Reggaeton, Rock, and artist's packs from Ace of Skunk Anansie, Chris Domingo and Cool & Dre and more. GrooveMaker 2 features just one app that houses all of the loop collections, and all previous purchases of GrooveMaker styles are unlocked when the app is registered and available from within one convenient 

Tons of New Power-User Features

GrooveMaker 2 excels as a live DJ performance tool and mobile composition app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For re-mixing on the fly, the new Grid Interface allows users to switch individual loops with a quick touch in the track, or "draw" a completely new groove simply by dragging a finger across the screen. "Drawing" on the grid selects the loop associated with the available slot under the user's touch and does it in real time so GrooveMaker 2 is always in time and on the beat. GrooveMaker 2 now lets users set the length of the individual loops and entire grooves down to 1/4 of a bar, providing more creative flexibility when composing, building and layering grooves and creating songs. GrooveMaker 2 features a pro-quality proprietary time-stretch engine that allows complete control over tempo without affecting pitch. Tempos can be modified up to 200% and down to 50% without change to the original tones and pitch of the 

16 Professional DJ and Production Effects

GrooveMaker 2 also features a suite of up to 16 effects users can apply "on the fly" to mixes and grooves. Plus, GrooveMaker 2 now gives users the creative flexibility of being able to record the automation of the application and parameters of the effects during playback for an added level of freedom. Effect parameters are touch-controlled on an XY field and each effect has additional parameters and features from which to choose. The groove effects include the staple effects like delay, reverb, filter, flange and wah, but also specialized effects designed for live DJ performance like stutter, noise, twist, tail, brake and spin. GrooveMaker 2 also features a master effects section for tightening up and polishing your final 

Import Export

One of the most requested features is now fully implemented in GrooveMaker 2: audio recording and audio import. Users can now add their own sounds and loops to the currently selected song using the record feature, or import audio loops via file share, the device music library, audio paste or from a computer using wifi. This further expands the creative possibilities within GrooveMaker 2 and gives artists total flexibility when composing grooves. Users can also use the Record feature to record an entire GrooveMaker performance for sharing and further sequencing. GrooveMaker 2 is also fully Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and X-Sync compatible for use with other audio 

GrooveMaker 2 provides a complete loop-based music production environment from creation to final delivery. Users can use GrooveMaker in a live setting for real-time creation of grooves and non-stop dance music and record that performance for later reproduction. GrooveMaker 2 is also an indispensable tool for scoring mobile and home movies on the go, or creating non-stop groove and dance beat tracks for any activity, or DJ'ing the party… all on one mobile device in one convenient pro quality 

Key Features

  • Universal compatibility for use on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Completely redesigned iOS 7 style interface
  • New single application allows you to have all your loop collections in one place via in-app purchase (any GrooveMaker 1 loop packs bought previously are unlocked and usable in GrooveMaker 2 upon registration)
  • 16 Packs available in 60 song collections (1 song included in the free version, 4 songs included in the full version and more available via in-app purchase)
  • New Grid interface allows for simplified loop remixing - even by "drawing"
  • Single loop duration and groove duration can be freely selected down to ¼ bar, with new 1/8 to 1/32 live-repeat function on full grooves for dramatic effects
  • 16 available FX with automation and touch-pad like interface
  • IMPORT functions allows to import audio files or record your own grooves within the existing collection (available for in-app purchase in the Free version)
  • New high-quality time-stretch for seamless groove tempo variation from 50% to 200% of original BPM without changing the pitch
  • New real-time recorder of your remixing performance
  • New master effects control with Compressor, EQ and Filter
  • New sharing features include Audio Copy, E-mail, Wi-Fi, FTP and SoundCloud
  • Compatible with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and X-Sync

Pricing & Availability

GrooveMaker 2 is available now on the App StoreSM for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as a free version or a full version for $9.99/€8.99. Additional GrooveMaker packs are available as in-app purchases from $5.99 to $3.99 each. GrooveMaker songs can also be purchased individually. 

For more information about GrooveMaker 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, please visit: www.groovemaker.com

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