If Heaven was a Modular Synth it Might Sound Like This

Featuring Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules, a Roland SH-101and Ableton Live, this performance of ambient track Purple Memory Clouds from Brian Knoll shows just how beautiful modular synths can be.  
Watch the video below. (Hint: turn off all distracting devices for its 5 minute duration and enjoy)

Here are the notes from Brian Knoll about Purple Memory Clouds:

Performed live on a modular synthesizer. Ableton Live feeds notes to Yarns which enables four triggers. Ableton drum rack provides the bass drum with reverb.
Patch Notes:
Yarns in 4T mode sends triggers running four different Euclidean Rhythms to A) SH-101 EXT Clock In, B) René XCLK, C) Elements' Gate, D) Disting Y input.
The primary voices are:
A) SH-101 > Axis > Erbe-Verb
B) René QCV > Tides > Streams Ch A > Clouds
C) René QCV > Inverted with Shades > Elements L out > Disting (Delay)
Trigger Part (Euclidean Length/Fill:Clock Division)
A) 8/5:1/1
B) 7/5:1/8
C) 10/6:1/1
D) 14/12:1/1
René scale: C D Eb F G A Bb
Sleep mode
Access & X-Gate enabled for locations 4-11
Maths Ch4 provides the envelope for Streams Ch A, triggered by René G-X. Maths Ch1 modulates Tides' Shape and Maths' INV out modulates Tides' Smoothness. Maths' SUM out modulates Clouds DENS.
Peaks LFO OUT1 modulates Elements' Mallet and FM. Peaks LFO Ch2 modulates Elements' Geometry and multed to Erbe-Verb Depth, Tilt, and Decay.
URA CLK out to René YCLK, R-Pulse out to X-CV and URA CLK FM. URA R-flux out Clouds' TEXT.

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