IdeaGen is a Max For Live Device For Creating Musical Ideas Quickly

If you're stuck in a composing loop, you'll know that creating new, unique musical ideas is tougher than it sounds. That's where this $4 Max for Live device comes in handy.  

jonbenderr has released a device for Ableton Live users called IdeaGen. Weighing in at just $4 it's a Max for Live device designed to get you creating musical ideas you wouldn't necessarily happen upon yourself very quickly. 

There's scarce info about IdeaGen available online... but there is this video and full instructions are in the device itself:

There are many random generators out there but this was designed with simplicity.  No losing yourself in an endless see of parameters.  Just results.

Print sequences to clips for easy editing and use in Ableton Live's arrangement view.

Use the Info view in Live for instructions on usage....


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