iBook: MPVHub Expert Guides: Music Studio Essentials

Every musician needs a studio! Mike Watkinson walks you through all the project studio essentials from monitoring to recording with mics in this enhanced iBook guide w/ 40 minutes of video tutorials!  

What's the most important aspect of setting up a recording / project studio? Choosing a DAW and 3rd party plug-ins? Picking up an appropriate audio interface? What about a control surface or MIDI Controller? Just how important is choosing the right monitoring equipment and setting it up? And, let's not forget how crucial microphones are too..! 

Music Studio Essentials by Mike Waktinson (iPad and iPhone friendly)

Music Studio Essentials by Mike Watkinson is iPad & iPhone compatible.

Assembling the appropriate equipment, and setting it up right, is of paramount importance when it comes to recording and mixing in a project studio. In our latest MPVHub Expert Guide ebook, Music Studio Essentials, pro musician, writer and producer, Mike Watkinson, walks through the essentials every studio musician needs to know. 

You'll acquire the skills and tips needed to help you get the optimum results from your studio gear, focusing on best practice for monitoring and microphone capture. There's a healthy mix of theory and practical techniques split into 5 easy to digest chapters. Also included are 14 superb videos (over 40 minutes in total) that we've selected from the macProVideo.com library to further illustrate the concepts and how-to's in this book.

Download Music Studio Essentials from Apple's iBookstore for $4.99 / £2.49.

What's Inside Music Studio Essentials? 

The first chapter is an excellent primer on choosing the gear (DAWs, audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, and mixers) every project studio requires. In Chapters 2 and 3 you'll discover all about monitoring, understanding which types of headphones and monitors to use, and crucially, how to set up an ideal listening position and calibrate your speakers. The concluding two chapters explore the recording process in depth. Mike presents the science and practical uses of the different microphone types, so you'll know exactly which mic to choose for the recording job, and why. You'll also learn hands-on mic recording techniques for vocals, guitars and drums, supported by detailed diagrams, photographs and videos.

The videos, diagrams, illustrative photos and pro tips make this a truly essential, immediate and accessible guide on setting up a project studio for experienced and novice musicians alike.

Screenshot from Music Essentials iBook

Screenshot from MPVHub Expert Guides Music Essentials iBook

The 14 included Videos bring new life to the topics in this Studio Essentials ebook.

The 14 included Videos bring new life to the topics in this Studio Essentials ebook

Advantages of reading this ebook

At macProVideo.com we are always looking for new ways to make learning relevant and fun. We love to bring you quality content, and we've crafted this MPVHub Music Studio Essentials series into a  beautifully enhanced iBook. iPad and iPhone friendly, this convenient and portable guide delivers a host of features:

  • detailed, zoomable images and illustrative video tutorials
  • easy navigation and full search functionality
  • bookmarking, highlighting and note-making tools, with built-in dictionary


If you'd like to read this or any of our series of media-rich eBooks on your Mac... I've just discovered an elegant and well designed solution! Check out BookReader for Mac here (lite version is free) and you've got an option to enjoy these MPVHub Expert Guides on you Mac, as well as on your iOS device (the recommended platform to read them on).

In my brief tests, BookReader supports video playback within our books. Test out the free version first and let us know in the comments below how you find it!

We hope you enjoy this MPVHub Music Studio Essentials iBook and have great success creating music in your studio!

Rounik Sethi

Executive Editor, MPVHub

Rounik is the Executive Editor for Ask.Audio & macProVideo. He's built a crack team of professional musicians and writers to create one of the most visited online resources for news, review, tutorials and interviews for modern musician and producer. As an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro Rounik has taught teachers, professional... Read More


this is amazing - thanks guys, have never seen anything like this before, Really slick design, the info is so useful and the videos a great resource. - I love this book.

Will use it with my students.
Thanks Jazzy! This is great to know. I'll pass this on to all our team who've worked hard to make this MPVHub Expert Guide series a reality :)

Great book! But reading it via iTunes on a MacPro doesn't work for me; it just flat out will not open. The only way I can view the book is with Adobe Digital Editions or possibly another reader that supports Epubs. So if anyone else is having a problem with reading books from iTunes on a Mac than the work around is using another reader. iPad reads just fine from iTunes. Mac seems to be getting a little more goofy every month.

Hi jamr,

Glad to hear you're enjoying the Studio Essential iBook!!

Although you may be able to read some parts of the book in an EPUB reader on the Mac, much of the formatting and media (videos/audio/zoomable images) won't be accessible.

These iBooks are designed for the iBooks reader on iPad and iPhone which support enhanced ebook features. Unfortunately Apple haven't yet created a version of iBooks for Mac.

But either way, really glad to hear you're enjoying the content and design of the ebook itself :)

I can't buy it being in Europe. Can you make it international/available for other iTunes shops?
Hi leather_wings,

This ebook is already available in all the 32 iBookstore countries.

Which country are you based in? Have you tried searching for the book by typing in "macprovideo" into the search field of iTunes for Mac and then looking under the "books" search results?

You can also search for it using the term: "studio essentials".

Let me know if you have any trouble finding it.

I tried that. I'm pretty sure it's because the book is not available for this country I'm currently in. I open the website link mentioned in this article, and then it offers me to go to the Russian iTunes store. And after that I can't find the book like it doesn't even exist.

I've just double-checked and it looks like there is no iBookstore for Russia :(

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change this... as it's down to Apple as to which territories iBooks can be sold to.

Have you bought any ebooks from iTunes or an iBookstore before? Perhaps there is another iBookstore which is accessible for Russia?
I have. Actually it's the first time I can't buy something from iBookstore because of the region. Is there any other way around so I can buy it without using iTunes? Like, directly from you or something?
hmmm... odd. I'm at a loss to explain why this iBook isn't available for you...

From what I can see there is no iBookstore for Russia. Is that correct? Have you tried searching for the ebook in the iBooks app on your iPad/iPhone?

Just to be clear... the "Books" section of iTunes App Store is different to Apple's iBookstore...

At the present moment we're only able to offer our ebooks direct from the iBookstore... We're looking at other distribution methods in the future - but that'll be sometime far int he future...

I am building a Brian May 12 string and would like the necke to be similar to the double 6 can anyone tell me the width of the neck at the 0, 5th and 12 fret?
Ps I believe the middle pickup on Brians guitar is reverse wound.

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