NOVA iBook: guias especializados MPVHub: Mashup em Ableton Live Essentials

We're thrilled to announce the 2nd MPVHub Expert Guides iBook: Mashup Essentials in Ableton Live! Learn the mash up process with expert steps & audio and images'¦ available on iBookstore NOW!  

O primeiro MPVHub iBook ( Remix Essentials ) tem sido um grande sucesso, graças a você! E nós temos notícias mais excelente para você hoje. Nós publicamos nosso iBook segundo!

Você pode baixar este Guia do perito do MPVHub: Essentials Mashup por GW Childs direto para o seu iPad, iPhone ou iPodTouch de Maçãs iBookstore por apenas R $ 4.99/2.49 .

MPVHub Especialista Guias

Im emocionado ao introduzir a segunda mídia rica iBook, o reforço da série The MPVHub guias especializados!

Mashup Essentials pela GW Childs IV , leva você passo-a-passo através do processo de mashup inteiro. Utilizando Ableton Live (ou o DAW de sua escolha) você vai aprender tudo sobre como importar músicas, estabelecendo tempo, harmonização da batida, misturando, arranjo, automação, gaguejar edições e mais sobre a produção de música em Ableton Live!

MPVHub Expert Guides: Remix Essentials for iPad & iPhone (Now on the iBookstore).

Guias MPVHub especialistas: Essentials Mashup para iPad

E Heres Por que estavam tão animados ...

No estamos sempre procurando novas maneiras de ajudá-lo a aprender. Gostamos de lhe trazer conteúdo de qualidade, e criamos esta série mashup Hub em um iBook muito bem trabalhada. Este iPad

  • Detailed, zoomable images and illustrative audio examples
  • Easy Navigation & full search functionality
  • Bookmarking, highlighting and note-making tools
  • Built-in Dictionary 

Mas não basta ter a minha palavra para ela. Baixar MPVHub Especialista Guide: Essentials Mashup por GW Childs da iBookstore para a experiência completa!


Rounik Sethi

Editor Executivo, MPVHub

Rounik is the Executive Editor for Ask.Audio & macProVideo. He's built a crack team of professional musicians and writers to create one of the most visited online resources for news, review, tutorials and interviews for modern musician and producer. As an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro Rounik has taught teachers, professional... Read More


daryl 72
Hi Rounik, I am wondering is this i book coming out in any other formats-such as a video download that can be opened by the Quicktime Player or maybe in magazine form.While I'm on the topic of creating Mashups,what is your opinion of Mixed in Key's Mashup software? Regards.Daryl.
Hi Daryl,

Thanks & good questions :)

The content that makes up this iBook, Mashup Essentials, won't be available as a video tutorial and we're not planning on releasing it in the magazine - especially as it's too big for mag format and our print mag readers won't be able to take advantage of the audio examples used in the iBook.

We may in the future publish a selected chapter from the iBook on The Hub - just like it's possible to download a sample chapter on the iBookstore :)

To be honest, I haven't fully explored Mixed in Key's Mashup software, so couldn't give any hand-on experience or views. I've looked at the feature set which looks respectable for creating Mashups.

What I would say is this iBook goes above and beyond the basics of creating Mashups to create effects that a fully-fledged DAW, like Ableton Live, can help you achieve.

Basically, there are techniques that GW reveals in the iBook that can be used when producing any style of music, sound design, remixes, etc. using Ableton.

Hope this helps,
Gary Hiebner
Excellent book G.W.

Great way of explaining how to use Ableton for Mashups.
daryl 72
Hi Rounik, sorry for the delay in responding,it's a shame Mashup Essentials won't be available as a video download since I have no plans to buy a iphone or ipad. Is it possible to convert the ibook file so it can be played on a Mac Pro? To be fair I'm not really interested,not at the moment anyway,in creating much more than basic Mashups and adding a little processing using my favorite Limiter-Slate Digital's FGX-:D to 'glue' the elements together-although that's not to say I wouldn't buy GW"s tutorial. :) With regards to Mixed in Key's software,can you recommend anywhere I could get a reputable opinion/review? I only ask since I can't find one,not in print media such as Computer Music,Music Tech,etc anyway. Thanks for taking time out to respond.:D Daryl.
Hi Daryl,

It's not something that can be converted to video format as this iBook is basically a book with audio examples and more…It's unfortunate that there is no iBook reader for Mac/Pc too…

I haven't come across a review of Mixed in Key Mashup app… but my feeling is if you've got Ableton or Logic (or any DAW) then you have all the tools at your fingertips to make Mashups...

Haven't seen a review of it in any of the major mags, including MPVHub Audio Mag ;-)

Gary Hiebner
Hi Daryl,

You can view iBooks on a Mac through the Firefox epub reader addon:

the iBook will have an .epub extension.

Right-click on the file and choose to open with Firefox and then you will be able to view the iBook.

It works but not as well as on the iPad/iPhone. You can read all the text and images, but it doesn't play the audio files.

daryl 72
Hi Rounik, thanks for the information regarding the ibook...the reason I ask about the Mixed in Key software is because of the speed,it appears,with which you can create Mashups.I can't forsee any problems creating Mashups in Logic-it's just how long they take. Regards. Daryl.
daryl 72
Hi Gary,thanks for the information regarding viewing ibooks on a Mac-that's a useful piece of knowledge:D .Daryl.

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