Hyve Touch Synthesizer: New Video, Piecing Together Details

As scarce as details on the Hyve Touch Synthesizer are, we've managed to find a new video of it in action, and conversations its creator, Skot Wiedmann, has had where some features are revealed.  

The Hyve Touch Synthesizer is a polyphonic analog instrument with 3 axis touch control. For quite some time after its initial announcement back in September 2015, we didn't know much more than that!

One thing we know for certain from this newly released video is that Hyve looks like a really unique and fun instrument to play. With its gorgeous touch plate interface, Hyve would fit right in next to many of Don Buchla’s iconic synths… and this analog, battery (or adapter) operated music machine is expressive when responding to your touch and gestures.

"Be melodic and expressive, or drum and tap. Here are some fun ways to explore 3D touch and performance gestures on this little synthesizer." Watch the new Hyve Touch Synth video by Skot:

Main features we think we know so far:

  • 60 voice stereo polyphony
  • It doesn't use OSC or MIDI, it's all analog.
  • There is one oscillator per voice
  • 3 axis control
  • Battery powered / 15V AC adaptor
Scot Wiedman's Hyve Touch Synthesizer.

Scot Wiedman's Hyve Touch Synthesizer.

What about price I hear you ask.... as yet this is unknown. However, Skot ran DIY workshops where participants could build and own their own Hyve Touch synth for just $40. So, we’d hope for a sub $100 price point assuming the feature set stays much the same as the DIY version.

And when will it be available? Scott says it's still too early to tell...

Check out the original demo video:

Stay up to date with new videos and details on Hyve here: http://Tiny.cc/hyve


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