Hybrid CD / Record Can be Played on Turntables and CD Player

This new Lathe-Cut CD from New York guitarists Yonatan Gat gives you a disc that'll play in a CD player, and on turntables too! Check out the video showing it in action (it's really works!)  

If you want one of these hybrid discs you’re currently out of luck as the album, Lathe-Cut CD, sold out very, very quickly indeed.

As The Vinyl Factory tell us, “The lathe-cut CD features Gat’s single ‘Ascension’ on one side, cut into the plastic and playable on a standard turntable (a centre hole adapter is included), while on the other ‘Analog Gold Rush’ plays like a regular CD in any regular CD player.”

It’s a great idea, and we’d love to see more all-in-one CDs/Records being released. More about Lathe-Cut CD the Bandcamp page here. http://yonatangat.bandcamp.com/album/lathe-cut-cd

Via: Vinyl Factory

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