Advanced Audio Editing Techniques: Slip Edit Audio in Logic

Advanced Audio Editing Techniques for Logic Pro & Express Editing audio in Logic 9 is easy. You can resize, cut, paste, copy sections of a region using the Marquee tool, etc. But one little known ...  

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Nate Gerber
Thanks Rounik for taking our little forum question and turning it into an opportunity to provide value for the whole MPV community!

Small sidenote about these two techniques - after trying both I'm finding myself leaning towards the sample editor window approach - simply because it is a much larger display of the waveform and easier to adjust more accurately... when that audio window gets stacked full of waves it can get pretty difficult to navigate and slip accurately!
Hi Nate


Good point! Yes I also prefer using method A for the same reason.

In case anyone is interested you can find the original forum post here:


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