How You Can Make Sure You're Hearing An Accurate Reproduction Of Your Electronic Kick Drum

All kinds of factors affect the way you perceive kick drums when designing and mixing sounds. Multiplier is here to help you make sure you're doing it right.  

Drums are at the heart of any dance music production, and a great drum sound provides the driving heart of a track. In this 5 minute video from expert producer Multiplier,  you'll learn the secrets behind how to correctly listen to and evaluate your kick drum sounds. All kinds of factors affect the way you percieve kick sounds: are you listening on headphones or speakers, and what kind of room are you working in?

The volume at which you monitor your kicks can also seriously affect how much of the low and high frequencies can be perceived and Multiplier explains how to compensate for this while working and why it's so important to getting a consistent drum sound that will puch through a mix. Check out the other videos in the course to find out about the secrets of working with other kinds of drum elements in dance music!

Watch the course Dance Music Sound Design 104: Drums in the AskAudio Academy here. 

Dance Music Sound Design 104: Drums

Multiplier (AKA Adam Pollard) is a master of dance music education. In this 22-tutorial course, he focusses his attention on the heart of every dance track: the drums. He begins at the bottom… with the kicks and in this collection of kick tutorials alone you learn the essentials of Dance Music Sound Design theory that’ll influence the way you create all the other drum parts in your track.

Next, you learn about making different kinds of snares. This is followed by tutorials on designing claps, SFX, percussion and more. And all through this awesome course, you are trained to become a better listener: one who can hear all the separate & arcane elements that make up the individual sounds of a professionally produced EDM track.

Upon finishing this course you will have all the tools you need to infuse your drums and beats tracks with energy and excitement. Get energized. Get inspired. Watch this course!

Watch the course Dance Music Sound Design 104: Drums in the AskAudio Academy here. 

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