How Well Do You Know Your Synth Terminology?

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a synth head, a synth tweaker... or perhaps you're looking to learn more about synths and synthesis this quiz from Roland is a great help to test your knowledge.  

Roland Australia Have decided it's time for you to test your synth knowledge. They've put the call out to synth wizards and dial twiddlers everywhere. Find out how well you know synthesizer terms with their short quiz. And see if you know your LFO from your VCO, polyphonic from your Supersaw.

Test Your Synth Terms Knowledge Here

Once you've completed the quiz we invite you to tell us how you did in the comments on on our Facebook page and then visit and watch our Synthesis video courses by Marc Doty and the Bob Moog Foundation covering every aspect of synth terms and synthesis explained in an in-depth yet easy to understand and practical manner.

You'll also find plenty of Roland AIRA and Boutique video courses in the AskAudio Academy...

Check out the Synthesis video courses by Marc Doty and the Bob Moog Foundation here:


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