How To Use The Hidden, Powerful Drum Editor Inside Music Memos for iOS

Though the title might not seem sexy, when you start to unlock the power of Apple’s Music Memos iOS app you’ll be impressed, especially with the built-in beat detection and drum editing available.  

In this short and sweet video tutorial from the complete Music Memos 101: From Memo to Master course in The Ask.Audio Academy, Matt Vanacoro shows how to add and adjust drums. 

In this instance, Matt’s already recorded a guitar track and by simply tapping on the drums icon Music Memos detects the tempo and possible rhythms in the guitar recording and creates an accompanying drum track. These are not pre-recorded drum loops! But what if you want to edit this drum track further?

Tapping and holding on the Drum icon reveals a mini version of the Drummer that comes with GarageBand and Logic Pro. You can decide on the type of kit and adjust how the drummer plays using the smart XY pad to determine how loud/quiet and simple/complex the resulting part will be. There are more options to switch hi-hats to cymbals to toms as well.

If you know GarageBand or Logic Pro X’s Drummer then you’ll feel right at home with this simplified version.

The more advanced options to decide whether the drummer plays in half time, double time, and even adjust the down beat if needed. Matt explores those options in another video which is in the complete course:

Music Memos 101: From Memo to Master in The Ask.Audio Academy.


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