How to Use NI Traktor Ramp Delay & Reverb T3

Do you listen to DJs like Richie Hawtin and Dubfire play techno sets and wonder how they create spacious sounding effects? Sara Simms lets you in on an industry secret...  

Techno is particularly well suited to delay and reverb effects due to the music's minimal production. Here's a tutorial on how to use Traktor's Ramp Delay and Reverb T3 to enhance your DJ sets.

In Traktor, open Preferences, then navigate to Effects. Select FX 1 and FX 2 as Single effects. Set FX 1 to Reverb T3, and set FX 2 to Ramp Delay. 


Ramp Delay


Ramp delay is an effect that can produce psychedelic sounding, tripped out delay effects that are a perfect compliment to techno tracks. Start out with the Dry/Wet (D/W) on the Ramp Delay turned to 50%, the Filter at about 80%, the Duration at 1/4” and the Rate all the way up at 1/32. Ramp Delay sounds best when it's applied during a part of the song that has minimal percussion, for example the intro, a breakdown or the outro. 

Turn on the effect, (the button under D/W) and then press FX 2 to switch the effect on. Immediately after turning FX 2 on, take the Rate down to 1/16 then turn the rate back up to 1/32. To switch the Ramp Delay off quickly, simply press FX 2 to take the effect out of the mix. For a more gradual fade out, slowly turn the D/W down to 0.  

Reverb T3



Reverb can sound particularly good on claps and snare hits in techno. It's easy to overdo it with Reverb, so be sure to use care when applying this effect. Set up the Reverb by turning the D/W to 50% or slightly less, and keep the HP (High Pass) and LP (Low Pass) filters to 100% (or set to taste) and the Size around 80. On a clap or snare, turn on the Reverb T3 and adjust the Reverb Size by decreasing the Size to about 60 or 70. If you'd like the Reverb T3 to gradually fade out, turn the Dry/Wet down while the track plays. If the sound of the Reverb T3 sounds too intense, try starting with the Dry/Wet down, and the size around 60 or 70. The Dry/Wet can be gradually faded into the mix, and the Size adjusted (to about 37 or so) and brought up for a pitch shifting effect as the Dry/Wet is brought up closer to 50% and then faded out. 

Using the Ramp Delay and Reverb T3 Together


The Ramp Delay and Reverb T3 can be used together to create a powerful effect. Start out with the following settings: 

FX 1 - Reverb T3:  Set up the Reverb by turning the D/W to 50% or slightly less,  HP (High Pass) and LP (Low Pass) filters to 100%, and the Size to around 68 or 70.

FX 2 - Ramp Delay: Turn the D/W to 35%, the Filter at about 80%, the Duration at 1/4” and the Rate all the way up at 1/32. 

Turn on FX 2, and take the Ramp Delay down to 1/16, then back up to 1/32. Keep the Ramp Delay on as you turn on FX 1. Bring the Reverb T3 Size down to about 38, and bring the D/W up to 50%. Experiment with bringing the Size back up, then fade the Size down as you fade out the Reverb gradually. The rate of the Ramp Delay can also be modulated (turned up and down) as the Reverb T3 is in the mix. Fade the Reverb out by turning the D/W down, experiment a little more with turning up the Ramp Delay Rate, then fade both the Reverb T3 and Ramp Delay out of the mix by turning both D/W knobs down. After a little practise, you'll hear some magic! 

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