How To Sync External Hardware With Novation Circuit

In this extract from the full, free live MasterClass, Chris Calcutt shows you how to sync external gear to your Circuit and quickly build up chords.  

In this short video extract from the full MasterClass lecture, Novation product specialist Chris Calcutt shows us how easy it is to hook up the Circuit to other hardware synths and, if that wasn’t enough, he shows how to build up chords in the Circuit as well! In all honesty, this is just a taste of what was shared in our most recent MasterClass on the Novation Circuit. 

Beyond going over all the new changes in the v1.6 update, Chris was graceful enough to share more than a few power user tips and tricks! After watching this video, be sure to head over to the Academy where the full lecture is available now to stream for free!

While you’re there check out the all new effects kill switch in action, which was my personal favorite of all the new improvements! Chris also demos the new user requested features, like Panning and Micro Steps. Everything you want to know about the 1.6 update can be found in this full lecture. Watch it here for FREE today. 

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