How To Sweeten Your Mix In Ableton Live

A little master processing applied at the very end of the mixing process can make all the difference to your productions. Noah Pred shows you exactly why.  

Ableton live is a great tool not only for composition and arrangement but also for mixing, with a powerful set of bundled processors and effects. And after you have got a near-final mix with plenty of inserts on individual channels, it can be time to turn to the master buss or stereo output, to see what can be done there to add a little polish. In this video from the course Ableton Live 10 104 - Mixing Tracks, Noah Pred shows you how to work with compression, limiting and other effects to sweeten a track at this final mix stage.

Ableton Live 10 104 - Mixing Tracks

Noah explains how master buss processing works, and shows you several examples of how to use compression, saturation and limiting in different combinations to add a polish and sweetness to the mix by making subtle changes. He also explores some of Live's analysis tools and shows you how these can help you to understand the correct amount of processing to use. Along the way, he also reveals why it's important to only add this kind of sweetening right at the end of the mix stage. The full course provides all the information and skills you need to know to become an expert mixer in Live - so check it out today!

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