How To Soundproof Your Studio - A Quick Guide

Stopping sound from getting in and out of your recording space is a must, and then you have to make sure you don't overheat. Joe Albano explains how it's done.  

Studio design is a crucial part of getting better recordings and mixes. And at the recording stage, sound leakage from outside your space can be a huge problem. Traffic, street noise and planes flying overhead can all negatively impact on your recordings. But there is a solution! In this video from the course Audio Mistakes 106: 10 Common Studio Design Mistakes, expert producer Joe Albano explains how to correctly and efficiently soundproof your studio to make sure you get the best results.

Audio Mistakes 106: 10 Common Studio Design Mistakes

Joe explains that you want to both stop sound getting in from outside, and getting out from inside. He starts by detailing some of the more heavyweight steps you can take, such as installing more drywall to create a layer of acoustic isolation. You can also create a room within a room, isolating your recording space on springs or pucks, so the space is separated from the containing walls and floor.

Specific spaces like vocal booths and control rooms can benefit from using special glass or plexiglass for isolation and then there's the issue of air flow - if you create a sealed space, it's going to get pretty hot in summer. So you'll also see how specialised air conditioning can be installed to make sure your musicians don't overheat. Check out the full course using the links below for a comprehensive guide to avoiding some of the most common studio design mistakes.

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