How To Set Up ROLI Blocks In Just 5 Minutes

ROLI's Blocks make excellent holiday gifts, but they're powerful and fun to use all year round. Here's a quick guide to setting up and connecting them to get you started.  

ROLI's Blocks hardware system goes from strength to strength, with upgraded as well as more affordable models released not long ago. And the beauty of the system is you can mix and match, adding to your setup as you go, since it all works with the Noise app and ROLI's other software. But if you have perhaps recieved one or treated yourself to a Block as a gift, how do you get started? This short video from the course ROLI Blocks 101: Making Music With Blocks shows you just that!

ROLI Blocks 101: Making Music With Blocks

Join producer and all-round musician Matt Vanacoro in this live action video as he demonstrates how to set up and connect your ROLI Blocks. Matt begins by explaining the ins and outs on the hardware as well as how to perform initial connection between devices. After that however, they will recognise each other automatically via their DNA connectors.

He goes on to show you how moving Blocks into different configurations to suit your needs is handled by the software. Although it's user-friendly, you will definitely benefit from this explanation of how it all works! Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in the course for a complete guide to using ROLI's powerful Blocks family of software and hardware.

Watch the course ROLI Blocks 101: Making Music With Blocks in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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