How To Set Up Headphone Cue Mixes In Pro Tools

Send click tracks, deal with grouping and create multiple custom monitor mixes in Pro Tools for the best recording results. Josh Carney shows you how.  

Headphone cue mixes are an integral part of recording. Being able to set up custom mixes for performers so that they can hear everything they need to be able to play or sing, while also hearing their own performance clearly is the key to getting the best possible results. In this short video from the course Pro Tools 502 Studio Series: Recording Vocals, Joshua Carney explains exactly how to set them up in Pro Tools.

Pro Tools 502 Studio Series: Recording Vocals

Josh explains that when monitoring directly from your audio interface, more often than not what the performer hears is an exact version of what's being sent to the speakers as it is fed from the master stereo output. But by doing some simple but creative routing inside Pro Tools, you can create custom monitor mixes which give you much more flexibility. He walks you through creating a specific mix and covers topics including grouping and sending a click track, as well as creating multiple mixes for different performers. Check out the full course using the links below for a complete guide to everything you need to know about recording vocals in Pro Tools.

Watch the course Pro Tools 502 Studio Series: Recording Vocals in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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