How To Set Up Ableton Live For Live Video & Audio Performance

Did you know you can sync up video clips to play along with video in Live, and even create new performances on the fly? Find out how in this short video from Live expert Thavius Beck.  

Ableton Live has support for video playback and even basic editing and in this new course from Live expert Thavius Beck you'll learn all about working with video alongside audio as well as composing sound to picture and much more. In this short video from the full course, Thavius takes you through something you may not have known was even possible: combining video clips with audio playback for live performance inside Ableton. 

In this short video you'll see an example of how to set up different versions of songs and videos to play together so that you can add new elements in over the top such as vocal performances. You will also learn how to use Live to integrate moving image into a session. Check out the full course for a complete guide to using video in Ableton Live!

Watch the course Ableton Live FastTrack 401: Working With Video in the AskAudio Academy | macprovideo | askvideo

Ableton Live FastTrack 401: Working With Video

Ableton Live is more than a creative music production and performance suite. Whether you want to score to picture, make a video clip, or add visuals to your live performance, Ableton Live has all the tools and features you need to get the job done. In this course, Ableton expert and performance artist Thavius Beck shows you how!

Thavius starts by giving an overview of all the different video formats & Codecs, and he explains why it’s important to know about them. You learn how to import, edit and warp your video content, and how to get everything running in perfect sync. Next, Thavius reveals the importance of using Markers when writing musical cues. You also discover how to add tempo and time signature changes to your project, and how to export your music with the movie.

There’s also a whole section of tutorials explaining how to use the native video functionality of Ableton Live in your live performances. You learn how to set everything up in Live, how to match the audio with the video, how to build an entire show set with visuals, and more…

So launch Ableton Live, and get ready to learn some very cool video techniques with the one and only Thavius Beck!

Watch the course Ableton Live FastTrack 401: Working With Video in the AskAudio Academy | macprovideo | askvideo

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