How To Sequence CV Hardware Directly From Bitwig 2

Bitwig Studio 2 can handle CV out, opening up whole new worlds of trigger control for your external gear. Thavius Beck shows you how to set it up in this quick video.  

One of the most exciting new features in Bitwig Studio 2 is its ability to handle Control Voltage for connecting to and sequencing external hardware. But if you haven't tried this before, where to start? In this short 3 minute video from the course Bitwig Studio 2 301: Exploring CVs and MIDI, certified Bitwig professional Thavius Beck runs you through how to use Bitwig Studio to sequence an external, CV-controlled hardware instrument. 

Using a combination of software and live action video, Thavius explains how you can use special modules inside Bitwig to not only trigger but also control an instrument, in this case the 0-Coast synthesizer. In fact, it works in much the same way as triggering a virtual instrument, with the ability to use Note FX and other tools. Check out the other videos in the course to learn more about these great new MIDI and CV features in Bitwig Studio 2. 

Watch the full course Bitwig Studio 2 301: Exploring CVs and MIDI in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Bitwig Studio 2 301: Exploring CVs and MIDI

With the resurgence of analog synths and drum machines, and the growing popularity of Eurorack modules, it’s quite an exciting time for electronic musicians. But how do you control all that great sounding external gear from a computer? With Bitwig Studio 2, that's how ... And Thavius Beck is here to show you exactly how it’s done!

First, Thavius explains how to configure your hardware with Bitwig. Using Modal's CRAFTsynth and Roland’s SP-404 as examples, he demonstrates how to control, modulate, sequence and record external MIDI synths and effects right from Bitwig. With the help of the powerful 0-COAST desktop synth from Make Noise, Thavius then explains how Bitwig communicates with your synths via CV/Gate. Continuing with the course, you also learn how external sync works, how to sequence and modulate software instruments with your external gear, and more…

So join Bitwig Certified Professional Thavius Beck in this 20-tutorial course, and experience the synergy of hardware and software with Bitwig Studio 2!

Watch the full course Bitwig Studio 2 301: Exploring CVs and MIDI in the Ask Audio Academy here. 


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