How To Quickly Create Chords In FREE HALion Sonic SE Sampler Instrument

HALion Sonic SE comes with Cubase but it's also available free for other DAWs. Matt Hepworth shows you how to quickly assign single notes to play complex chords in this short video.  

HALion Sonic SE is the powerful sampler instrument that ships for free with Cubase but is also available as a free download for use in almost any DAW on Mac or PC platforms. As a stripped-down version of HALion Sonic, it allows you to use your own sample-based instruments as well as loading any sound sets created with HALion. In this short video from the course HALion Sonic SE Revealed, Matt Hepworth gets to grips with the performance pads that can be used to play preset chords or trigger the arpeggiator inside HALion. 

By assigning multi-note chords to the pads inside HALion Sonic SE, you can quickly create complex sequences by pressing a few simple notes on your MIDI keyboard. This means that even those less experienced keyboard players can quickly put together impressive-sounding tracks. This is just one of the cool features of this plug-in - check out the rest of the course to become a master of HALion Sonic SE, a powerful and free instrument!

Watch the full course in the AskAudio Academy | AskVideo | macProVideo

Cubase 9 201: HALion Sonic SE Revealed

HALion Sonic SE is included with all versions of Cubase (Pro 9, Artist 9 and Elements 9) and it comes with a huge amount of audio content, ready to use. It’s a very deep sample-based/synth instrument with a lot of possibilities hidden under the hood. In this course, our Cubase expert Matthew Loel T. Hepworth digs in there and reveals all the good stuff!

The course starts with the basics: you learn how to update HALion Sonic SE to the latest version, you explore the interface, and you discover how to best navigate the preset browser and quickly find the sounds you’re looking for. Next, Matt looks at the Edit page in great details. You discover how to tweak all the different parameters, set Quick Controls, play chords and arpeggios with the Performance Pads, and assign CCs (Continuous Controllers).

Matt then explains all about using HALion Sonic SE in a multitrack situation using a single instance of the plugin, and reveals important concepts to keep in mind when mixing with the plugin. Continuing with the course, you also learn how to create layers, how to split the keyboard to play multiple programs, how to use the powerful TRIP synthesizer, how to use Main and Aux FX and more….

So launch HALion Sonic SE and learn to tap the hidden power of this awesome creative tool with our in-house Cubase expert ... the one and only Matthew Loel T. Hepworth!

Watch the full course in the AskAudio Academy | AskVideo | macProVideo

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Matthew Loel T. Hepworth is really one of the best !

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