How To Quickly Build An Alien Wobble Lead Sound In Massive Or Any Synth

Quickly and easily use your software synth to create a wobble lead patch from scratch in just a couple of minutes!  

Lead synths are an integral part of almost every kind of EDM. In this four-minute video from the full course Dance Music Sound Design 102: Lead Synths, synth expert Adam Pollard AKA Multiplier breaks down how he creates a cool spaceship wobble lead sound. Starting with oscillators, the building blocks of any synth sound, you’ll see how to set these up as the first step in the signal path. Adam also adds some effects and then moves on to using sequenced modulation to add some really interesting movement to the sound. 

Using the example of NI’s Massive, macros are then used to alter the amount of modulation in real time to create a unique effect. You’ll see how altering the way things like pitch and amplitude are modulated can help you quickly and easily build your own sounds. These instructions can be applied to almost any synth, so check them out today!

Watch the entire video course Dance Music Sound Design 102: Lead Synths by Adam Pollard in the AskAudio Academy.

Dance Music Sound Design 102: Lead Synths

Join Multiplier in this in-action Dance Music Sound Design Lead synth course and see how an expert makes really sick leads. It doesn’t matter what kind of synth you use or what style of electronic music you generate. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using software or hardware synths. The concepts and sonic explorations in this course are universal. 

What kinds of waveforms work best for lead synth sounds? How do you tune (or detune) the oscillators? What kind of modulation, arpeggiation, filtration and noise/click components do you deploy? A lot of thought goes into designing lead sounds but there are many options so Adam explains and explores them all!

The final section of this course is where he designs his favorite lead sounds right before your eyes! So dive into the art and science of designing lead synths sounds in this in-action collection of tutorials and be sure to watch all of the courses in this ever-expanding Dance Music Sound Design series.

Watch the entire video course Dance Music Sound Design 102: Lead Synths by Adam Pollard in the AskAudio Academy.


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