How To Quickly Add Groove To Tracks In Ableton Live

Applying Groove Files to clips in Ableton Live is easy, fast and effective. Find out how they work and can make your music sound more human in this short video from AfroDJMac.  

One of Live’s most loved features is its groove functionality. In this four-minute video from the course Ableton live FastTrack 202, Ableton expert Brian Funk (aka. AfroDjMac) gives you the lowdown on Groove Files and how they work. You’ll see where Groove Files live in Live’s browser, how to preview them before they have actually been applied to a Session, and how to apply them to clips.

Brian shows you practical examples of using different grooves and how they are represented as MIDI data. By dragging them to the Groove Pool you can even use them on multiple clips. Grooves are a great way to get a more human feel for your MIDI parts in Live, so check out the other videos in this course to learn more about them!

Watch all videos from Brian Funk's Ableton Live FastTrack 202: Live's Groove Pool course in the AskAudio Academy.

Ableton Live FastTrack 202 

Ableton performer Brian Funk explains what grooves really are and why you need to know about them. You learn where they reside within Ableton Live’s library structure and how to quickly get to them, save them and organize them. Next, Brian shows the different ways to apply and commit grooves to tracks in your projects. You learn how to edit grooves and how and why to use different grooves for different voices. You even learn how to make a stiff, robotic, mechanized beat sound more human.

Know a tune with a really killer groove? Want YOUR track to groove like THAT track? No problem! Using real-life examples, Brian shows you how to “extract” grooves from any audio sample and masterfully apply them to your own tracks using the Groove Pool. 

So get your Ableton Live groove on by watching this course!

Watch all videos from Brian Funk's Ableton Live FastTrack 202: Live's Groove Pool course in the AskAudio Academy.



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