How To Produce Electric Guitars Even If You're Not A Player

Most producers will need to record and mix electric guitars - even write parts for them. Here's how to approach working with a guitarist to get the best results.  

Electric guitars are a mainstay of many musical genres, and something that almost every producer will have to record and produce at some point. But they have their own requirements, especially if you are more used to working with softsynths. In this short video from the course Outside The Box 103: Electric Guitar Production, Eyal Amir explains one of his favourite playing techniques - producing octaves with a single string. 

Working from the perspective of a producer who does not actually play the guitar but who writes and records for it, Eyal brings a unique approach to how to get the most out of your players, and how to understand different guitar playing and recording techniques. In this case, using a special tapping technique to create a melody. Check out the other videos in this course for much more information on how to produce electric guitars!

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Outside The Box 103: Electric Guitar Production

Eyal Amir is back with a new song and new course. Collaborating with virtuoso guitarist Alon Tamir, Eyal takes you through all the innovative guitar techniques he used to produce his latest tune: Deal With It –which Eyal wrote specifically for this course!

See how to build solid rhythm tracks. Learn how different picking techniques can be used to create effective musical expression. Watch Eyal and Alon collaborate on creating overtones, melodies, arpeggios, solos and more while they explain their Outside The Box production techniques. Most of all, see how Eyal –in his imaginative way– weaves all of these various guitar sounds into an inspiring musical fabric!

One of the most interesting aspects in this course is how Eyal communicates and works out his ideas with his musicians relying on their expertise and musicality to achieve his musical goals!

Finally, you'll watch and learn as Eyal artfully processes the tracks with compression, EQ and delay to give them a solid place in the mix.

Be sure to check out all of Eyal Amir’s Outside the Box courses in our ever-expanding Studio and Recording Techniques courses.

Watch the full course Outside The Box 103: Electric Guitar Production in the Ask.Audio Academy | AskVideo | macProVideo

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