How To Manipulate Time In Logic Pro X

Logic Pro's Flex Time technology has a number of algorithms you can use, each one best suited to a different kind of audio material. Joshua Carney shows you how to choose the best one for the job.  

Flex Time is one of Logic Pro's most useful features - the ability to manually or automatically manipulate the speed, feel and timing of recorded audio as easily as you can with MIDI data. But if you're new to the world of tempo editing, where to begin? In this short video from the course Logic Pro X 302: Flex Time Time Correction, Joshua Carney explains how to activate Flex Time and then shows you which algorithms are best suited to different kinds of material like drums, guitars or vocals.

Logic Pro X 302: Flex Time Time Correction

Joshua explains how once you enable Flex Time, Logic will analyze the audio material and identify its transients. Once it has done that, you can either select from the available algorithms, each of which will suit a particular kind of audio material, or use the automatic option to let Logic make its best guess based on its own analysis of the sound. 

Choosing the correct algorithm minimizes the chances of unwanted artefacting - glitches in the sound, so it's important to get right. The modes available include monophonic (voice or bass, woodwind), polyphonic (anything with chords), rhythmic, slicing, speed and tempophone, with the last two being used more for special effects. In the video, Joshua explains what each one does and how he uses them most effectively in his productions. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in the course for a complete guide to Flex Time in Logic Pro X!

Watch the full course Logic Pro X 302: Flex Time Time Correction in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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