When your projects reach a certain size it can be hard to keep track of your tracks' tracks... Gary Hiebner highlights features that Steinberg offer inside Cubase to keep your productions moving.  

Coloring Your Tracks

Color Tracks


Add Folder
Move to Folder
Move Selected Channel to New Folder

Minimize Maximize Folders 

Expand/Collapse Folder

Folders Within Folders 

Folders Within Folders 


VCA Inside Folder
VCA Tracks
Add VCA Channel for Selected Tracks
VCA Channel in Mixer

Visibility Panel  

Visibility Panel


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Gary Hiebner is an enthusiastic South African Sound Designer and Apple Tech Head! Gary has been involved in the South African music industry for the decade, and in this time has also been involved in the sound design and music production for many advertising agencies and media houses. Gary is a devoted Logic and Ableton user, but he al... Read More


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