How To Make A Glorious MIDI Unicorn In Any DAW

Fancy giving your MIDI piano roll in your DAW a bit of artistic flair? Well, this MIDI unicorn looks kind of cool... and it actually sounds good too. Andrew Huang shows you how it's done.  

The Piano Roll or MIDI Note Editor in your DAW is cool. Super cool, in fact. So cool it's fun to be able to draw images in it. Come on... you know you've thought about it.

Well, Andrew Huang, YouTuber and musician, more than thought about it. He did it. However, if you've ever tried making a MIDI picture in your Piano Roll you've likely been disappointed by the resulting sounds. And that's where Andrew's MIDI Unicorn stands out from the crowd of pointless MIDI doodles. It actually sounds great. Yes, like a purposeful composition with a melody. And that's because he used a number of techniques to go from creating a drawing of a unicorn to a nicely composed piece of music.

Here's Andrew showing you how it's done:

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