How to Make a DIY Touchscreen Sample Player

What would you do if you needed a sample player for live performance? Buy one? The more adventurous among us would make their own touch screen sample player. Igor b did, and here's his in action.  

Igor b decided he “wanted a way to use a foot pedal to trigger samples from a sample player.” That’s not too unusual a start to a story. Except he decided to go DIY/hacker and make his own using a STM32F429 evaluation board he had “handy”. Then equipped with a touch screen, an SD card, "and not much else", the stmpler came into existence.

OK. There’s lots more to it than that... Also of note, stmpler can be triggered by a MIDI keyboard or any device that sends MIDI note data, like a MIDI foot pedal.


The stmpler sample player. 

Inside's of the stmpler sample player.

The inside's of the stmpler sample player.

Watch the stmpler in action:

You can find the code and more detailed instructions on his website, and he possibly plans to add to the capabilities of the stmpler  by adding a DAC to increase the sampling rate, adding audio effects, and perhaps even creating a synth engine too.

[Via: Hackaday]  


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