How To Make a 909 Reverb Techno Kick

In this fab 5-minute video tutorial by Multiplier, from his complete course Dance Music Styles 108: Techno, we learn how to create a classic techno reverb kick, 909 style.  

Using Drumazon, Multiplier demonstrates how to create a reverb techno kick, as well as one that evolves over time in around 5 minutes. He creates and shows how to do this in Ableton Live, however, you can use the DAW of your choice.

Multiplier uses a reverb plug-in called Toraverb and really shows how easy it is to create a reverb techno kick drum sound. 

Watch all videos in the course, Dance Music Styles 108: Techno here.

Course Outline

Techno got its start in Motown. It’s definitely not soul music. In fact, it’s not even close. Its “soul” is a futuristic, pulsing, reactionary, deep, instrumental genre that has evolved into many different dance sub-genres since its Detroit start in the 1980s. 

In this course, Adam Pollard dives deep into Techno’s distinct sound structures, exploring the very timbres, beats and other stylistic electronic music elements that define this genre’s aesthetic. You learn all about its beat construction, its dark vibe, tempi, classic Roland 909 and 303 influences and much, much more.

So learn Techno’s tools, techniques, tip and tricks in this Dance Music Styles course by EDM expert, Multiplier!

Watch all videos in the course, Dance Music Styles 108: Techno here.


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Georg Stuby
In my opinion a lot of important stuff is missing in this tutorial: EQ of the Reverb (without a Low Cut it will be very hard to mix), Compression of the Reverb etc etc. The most Important part for this effect is the pre delay (just showing the whole thing with a single Preset is extremely cheap).

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